DAY ONE (2013)

Day One (2013)

Video Editing by Taylor Mefford
Sound Design, Editing, and Mixing by Taylor Mefford
Original Music by Taylor Mefford
Music Editing by Taylor Mefford
On-Set Sound Engineer: Taylor Mefford
Graphic Design by Taylor Mefford

Written and Directed by Taylor Mefford

Day One is a short film created for an RTV class at Texas A&M University-Commerce and featuring the local Cricket City Improv group. The film follows Jimmy on his first day of College and all his misfortunes along the way.


      1m0 v.3 Opening (Album)
      2m3 Jimmy In The Hallways Tk.2
      2m4 Jimmy's Lonely Class (Album)
      4m2b Sunset Boulevard

Day One (Original Score) is available for purchase on Bandcamp.